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November 4, 2013

Letter: Dates are only needed parking ban change

To the editor:

The Rockport Selectmen should keep the winter parking ban in effect but change it to Dec. 15 through March 15.

In that way, if we have an early snowstorm people will find out what it is like to be plowed in where they are parked on the street and what it is like to have your car covered with sprayed salt. Rockport salts the roads more frequently than it uses the sander trucks.

The Rockport DPW does an excellent job clearing the roads because there are no cars hindering their progress.

But Rockport is a town of hills. Getting out of a spot full of snow is going to be very difficult and might result in damage done to nearby parked cars. Will owners leave their cars parked for the whole week in unmetered spaces?

There are three motel parking lots, the Peg Leg lot, and several small licensed parking lots in the downtown district — plus the Whistlestop Mall lot where people possibly can rent a space for the winter. A person would feel more secure if he had arranged for a spot than to get desperate for a place to put the car with a “CodeRed” alert policy.

With the “CodeRed” alert policy, the town should allow all-night parking in the Broadway resident lot center area, the Town Hall Annex lot, the library lot and the fire station lot. But if that was done, a “morning after the storm” problem would arise and cars would have to be towed at their owners’ expense so that the DPW could plow those areas.

The only solution is to keep a ban in effect.

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” should be considered on this matter.



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