, Gloucester, MA


November 4, 2013

Letter: Veteran appreciates new memorial signs

To the editor:

“Why me lord?

what have I ever done,

to deserve even one,

of the pleasures I’ve known,

tell me lord,

what did I ever do,

that was worth lovin’ you,

for the kindness you’ve shown.”

— From ‘Why Me Lord,” by Kris Kristofferson.

This song was recorded and released back in 1972, the same year I received my walking papers from the Army after three years.

I was what they called regular Army in those days as in enlisted on my own free will, not drafted. One of those years was spent in Vietnam, and for a couple months in 1971, I was serving on a fire base near the Laos border.

I am writing today after reading the front page story headlined “Spotlighting memorial squares” (the Times, Page 1, Saturday, Nov. 2), and every time — in every city in America — I see one of these Veterans Memorial signs , this song echoes through my head.

I give a sincere thank you for all involved in replacing these old worn signs with new ones.

I live every day not knowing why; I was blessed in walking off a plane, not being carried off in a flag covered coffin.


Heights at Cape Ann, Gloucester

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