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June 7, 2013

Letter: Markey will work well with local lawmakers

To the editor,

Former Republican senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole appeared on the Fox network a week ago, saying that his own party ought to hang a sign on the door that says, “Closed for repairs.”

Its not that he’s abandoned his conservative principles — far from it. But Sen. Dole feels that Republicans have forgotten that politics is necessarily the art of compromise.

When he was in office, he reached across the aisle and cooperated with liberals like George McGovern to support school lunch programs and efforts to alleviate rural poverty. The design and funding of such problems was worked out through a responsible process of give and take.

By contrast today, any Republican who even hints at being pragmatic in dealing with Democrats faces swift punishment from the extreme right.

That’s why I’m working especially hard for the election of Congressman Ed Markey to fill the seat of John Kerry, our new Secretary of State.

Markey has a proven record of fighting for the middle class, protecting women’s rights, supporting education, and expanding job growth. He will work closely with John Tierney, Elizabeth Warren, and our own Ann-Margaret Ferrante (all of whom have endorsed him enthusiastically) to support our fishing industry and the local economy.

Plain and simple, a vote for his Republican opponent would be a vote for continued gridlock. In the June 25 special election, I urge you to vote for Ed Markey. Thank you.



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