, Gloucester, MA


November 4, 2012

Letter: Warren would be the senator we need

To the editor:

The names of Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are synonymous.

Why? Because Elizabeth Warren was the one who fought to create the agency and who carved out its goals.

Consumer protection has been her life’s mission. Not surprising that her values are reflected in the agency’s goals: protect consumers against deceptive financial productes, oversee the new mortgage disclosure and credit card laws and enforce laws when violations occur.

As consumers, these protective measures are as critical to us as they are important to Elizabeth Warren. If President Obama is re-elected he will need the support of senators who are willing to stand tall and fight for consumers against deceptive lending practices. On the other hand, if Sen. Brown is re-elected, you can count on him to continue to work behind the scenes to eviscerate provisions of the law that was designed to protect working people from fraud.

Elizabeth Warren is the person who stood tall for those who were hurt financially during this recession. Elizabeth Warren is the one committed to fairness in all financial practices for all consumers.

Elizabeth Warren is the senator we need.


Lexington Avenue, Gloucester

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