, Gloucester, MA

February 23, 2013

Letter: Falling in love with 3 ladies of Blackburn

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I am in love with three different women — all at the same time. I wonder if it is morally proper?

I call them Veronica, Desdemona, and Ophelia. All three are tall and leggy, all three are white, all three have the same windy-tempestuous personality, all three are “outdoorsy.” All three, to me, are like ballerinas.

I know it’s love because I can’t wait to see them each morning when I wake up. They live in close proximity to one another and that makes me a bit uneasy. I get jealously upset if I think another fella is looking at them. And, all three are “lookers,” so I know other men are checking them out.

In all three cases, it was love at first sight. You know how it is — one day a woman comes into your life and nothing is ever the same. So it was. All of a sudden, they appeared against the skyline of my daily existence and spun a new and unexpected reality for me.

Veronica, Desdemona, and Ophelia are very industrious. All three work, literally, day and night. Not taking a single day off all year long. And they work in rain, sleet, snow, or sunshine without morning evening or lunch breaks. None of them like to travel. They are stay-at-home local girls who floated in from Boston.

Every day as I approach Blackburn Circle in my Miata, as my speed decreases my emotion increases when I look up to see the objects of my affection dancing with the wind as much as 479 feet above.

The wind turbines are a perfect marriage of Gloucester’s unique history and cutting edge future. These three romantic figures: Veronica, Desdemona, and Ophelia, whose towering whimsical presence reveal to them a community’s future – be it tragic or comic – we below can only guess.

I am in love with the wind turbines.