, Gloucester, MA


February 25, 2013

Letter: Call to KO Waterways Board goes too far

To the editor:

I have just read Editor Ray Lamont’s column (”Why did my newspaper do that,?” the Times, Saturday, Feb. 23), which was following up on Thursday’s editorial regarding the city’s Waterways Board.

Excuse the pun, but you seem to have gone overboard in suggesting “pulling the plug” on the Waterways Board.

It could appear that these editorials are trying to make policy, rather than report on it. You state that you spoke with “a few residents” and “even a couple of city officials” who “did not feel comfortable in going on the record calling for the board’s dissolution.” Come on! This smacks of McCarthyism.

I’m sure this board, as well as all boards, has many members who volunteer their time to benefit the city and are proud of their boards. They have probably accomplished much that doesn’t get your attention.

There are always disgruntled members and ,yes, “even city officials “ who are willing to go unidentified to report things as they see them.

It would appear they have found a willing listener in you.

I hope we get to hear from others willing to be identified who may have more insight and, yes, facts or at least other points of view.


Washington Street, Gloucester

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