, Gloucester, MA

February 25, 2013

Letter: Federal fishing actions an outrage to all

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Listening to Peter Shelley of the Conservation Law Foundation in a recently recorded interview shows the mentality of conservationists and rule makers within our federal government.

He states he can understand why fisherman get mad sometimes. He essentially said that, yes, policies make fishermen lose their jobs _ but who cares as long as I still have my paycheck.

You have read about related jobs to the industry. At a time when we need all the jobs we can get to bring the economy back, I’d like to, off the top of my head, show some of the jobs that are related to this industry.

Some companies and factories, of course, make and deliver products other than those that are fishery related, but still that do have products related to fisheries. These cuts will hurt the as well.

Then, from the construction side and starting from scratch, there’s the laying of the keel — truckers bringing in wood or steel. Architects, caulkers, carpenters, welders, yard workers, fitters, machine shop parts and laborers, winches, wire, cable makers, electronics being purchased, people to repair them. There are engines, parts, mechanics to install and repair,heating system units and installers, managers and accountants for principals, etc.

Lets’ move on to operation.

There are the fishermen themselves, then lumpers, old timers that help mend damaged nets, companies that make nets and twine, stores that sell fishermen’s supplies, weather gear, those who make iron doors to spread netting on the ocean floor, rubber products for rollers, spacers, floats. And then there are the wharf workers, packaging and cutting to fillet fish, shipping departments, truck drivers, accountants and managers, ice company workers, construction workers for wharf upkeep — the list goes on and on.

These jobs are all lost or cut down because our government clearly now wants to do away with this historic industry.

Everyone should be outraged, not just he fisherman. None of us want our rights taken away, but it’s been happening here for years.


Stuart Road, Gloucester