, Gloucester, MA


March 8, 2013

Letter: Hotel will put city at liability risk

To the editor:

While we are scratching the “gift of fleas” that is the renovation of Newell Stadium, we are confronted with the looming debacle of the luxury hotel Beauport Gloucester LLC, proposes to build on what amounts to a barrier beach.

We hasten to embrace this alluring specter, despite the government effort on both state and federal levels to move our assets inland, away from increasingly vulnerable coastal areas.

We are backing into the future, bemused by the desultory statistical configurations of the past; and in denial of population pressures compounding exponentially as evidenced in rising water levels. Snatching at a twinkle of “prosperity,” we leave our city exposed to liability. Perhaps Beauport Gloucester LLC discerns some sort of benefit from governmental disaster relief.

They should be compelled to submit a study compiled by an agency member of ASFM (Association of Floodplain Managers) to alert our officials to the likelihood of dire fiscal and environmental consequences of their project. Our children may find themselves hip-deep in their legacy.

Everybody under the protection and discretion of our local government, ought to attend this important, upcoming meeting Tuesday before the City Council.


Beacon Street, Gloucester

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