, Gloucester, MA


March 8, 2013

My View: Staying connected

By now, we’re all accustomed to the world of multitasking.

We don’t go anywhere without being “plugged in” — no matter what to.

It seems we now walk our dogs in one hand while in the other, we satisfy Facebook by answering its recurrent question, “What’s on your mind?” People walk the Boulevard and stop to laugh at those funny mobile apps that turn your 125-pound self into a 300-pound version of you. Or better yet the ones that scan a picture of your face to scientifically determine your percentage of ugly.

We kill time on our lunch breaks with a few rounds of Words With Friends, or a couple of scrolls through the latest Instagrams trending on our newsfeed. We withdraw money from the ATM machine while clenching onto the conversation with our mother with one ear smooshed to one shoulder. And thank God for the ringing reminders of business meetings we would otherwise forget all about. We seem to rely on these four-inch hunks of plastic for, well, close to most everything.

So, in a world where all this is normalcy, I’m not sure why I was so surprised last Sunday during my trip to Talbot Rink for the regular “free skate” session when I realized that being an avid skater also meant being an avid smart phone multitasker, too.

Since I hadn’t been skating since last year, I was worrying about my balance, if I could remember how in the world to skate backwards, and how hard it would be for my boyfriend and I to keep my three-year-old cousin Daphne on her feet for longer than a half a second. What I really should have been worrying about was weaving in and out of Instagramers, and videographers, and business calls, and one handed texting and skaters.

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