, Gloucester, MA


January 3, 2013

Gun permits tailored to person, weapon

To the editor:

Here are my 2 cents on gun control:

Folks, everyone has the right to keep and bear arms; however, with that right, should go a number of conditions. I turned in my carry permit more than 50 years ago in exchange for a New York City premises license for a rifle. After so many years, I believe that a firearms permit should only be issued to a party that has undergone a psychological evaluation, matching a ballistics recorded data to the individual, and then a thorough training course on the safe and proper use of that particular firearm. Assault weapon permits should be issued only to law enforcement, military, and collectors willing to disarm the weapon, making it unable to be fired. True collectors would not object.

I also believe that the firearms license itself should have its own conditions, as mine had. I had a full concealed carry permit, but could only carry a weapon, either open or concealed, if I was on my way to or from a firing range. Today a firearms permit ought only be issued with conditions, such as concealed carry, premises only, e.g. a store owner’s permit, or concealed carry to and from a cash depository, e.g. an individual that carries large sums of cash.

Before every permit issuance, the applicant must document the reason behind his or her desire to own a firearm, e.g. a premises-only permit for protection of self and family. The applicant should be able to demonstrate ability to disassemble, clean and assemble his firearm safely. I also believe that every firearm, as part of manufacturing quality control, be test fired, and a ballistic record be made and filed in a data base, along with the serial number of that weapon.

That would enable law enforcement to trace any recovered bullet to the firearm that discharged it, and the serial number trace would lead to the weapons owner, whether that weapon was sold in a gun shop or at a gun show.

Why trample our Constitution, when laws could be enacted, allowing all qualifying individuals, to own a firearm to fit their personality? A tailored permit for a personally tailored firearm to suit the individual.

Well folks: There’s my two cents on gun control, within the Constitution. Oh, by fitting weapon to person, there would be very few “Dirty Harry” Magnums on the street.

Gerald Mahieu,


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