, Gloucester, MA

March 19, 2013

Letter: Standing up for fishermen and our heritage

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Some salty sailors out of Gloucester faced an unsavory fate

Whose fraternal hearty shipmates lost at sea numbered 5,368.

From 1866-1890 2,450 fishermen and 380 schooners were lost

Italian, Canadian, West Indian and Portuguese souls ships were tempest-tossed.

Gloucester harbor bustled like a profit engine aquatic beehive

Businessmen at wharfs watched tons of George’s Bank and Grand Bank Atlantic cod arrive.

A seaworthy history of fish and family n’ captains and mates

Crews of The Can Do, The Gudrun, The Inca, The Corinthian and Andrea Gail all sailed through those pearly gates.

Along came a pirate band of unsavory patch-eyed landlubbin blokes.

A Blackburn circle of scurvy-dogs with a hold full of legislative jokes.

“The cod is ours!” the NOAA paper shufflin scalawags fishnapped the Gloucestermen’s booty.

From their offices and conferences looking down their noses at our fishermen with demeanors quite snooty.

“Not so fast, those cod and our history swim together” – the citizens with clenched fists arose.

Lubchenco then Bullard and their corporate parrots struck their best bureaucratic pose.

For 150 years, Glosta caught cod have fed New England and America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester.

Did you think we’d sell our heritage short to some Obama-funded nautical imposter?