, Gloucester, MA


March 25, 2013

Letter: Congress needs the model of flying geese

To the editor:

All of us have been watching the deadlock in Congress — a division between the right wing and left wing in our country where little gets to move compared to what is possible.

Instead, government crawls on two little feet that cannot carry the weight of impending climate, economic, health-care, and energy difficulties. It’s almost as if our government functions like a football game where there are winners and losers.

It’s interesting, because my own views carry both left and right wing perspctives. For example, I want to see a safety floor for the poor where basic needs are met. And I want to see all have the opportunity for a good education and for having a home and access to good health care — both eastern and western, but, on the other hand, I want to see God (or, at least, the expressed acknowledgment of a supreme benevolent power) back in our schools and other public places.

There was a time when Republicans and Democrats worked together better.

Take the image of a bird; it can walk on its two little feet even if the two wings are broken, but the bird can never fly unless it has both its left and right wing.

Maybe the symbol of the eagle and its greatness and solitariness will always have its place, but maybe there is also room for another symbol as well.

For example, geese fly in a “V” formation. When the leader gets tired, it drops back and another bird takes its place. So, the leadership is constantly allowing for change. Also, when a goose drops out of formation — due to weakness or injury — a few other birds will go with it and try to help it rejoin and not be left behind and instead get support.



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