, Gloucester, MA

September 27, 2013

Letter: Make connector part of 'public conversations'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We were delighted to read in The Gloucester Daily Times (Page 1, Thursday, Sept 19) about the Gloucester Public Conversations project.

This is a wonderful idea and we applaud the organizers’ initiative. We would like to offer a suggestion for a topic to talk about — “a connector road between Gloucester and Rockport from Blackburn Circle to Nugent Stretch adjacent to the Old Rockport Road.”

There have been surveys taken in Rockport and many articles in the paper about this subject. Rockport residents are in favor of such a road by about 10-to-1 margin, but we need to get Gloucester residents opinion.

So far, much of the opposition from Gloucester has been from one outspoken local official and an environmentalist. It has been proven that a road would not cause any damage to the water shed using today’s technology.

Before we can get state financial support we have been told by state representatives that Gloucester and Rockport officials must work together and come to an agreement.

Since we don’t have any idea about how Gloucester residents feel about a connector road, we need to poll them. We have set up a link to the poll and invite Gloucester and Rockport residents to go to this site to cast their vote. (just copy and paste to a URL).

When the results are in, we will inform the residents of both communities and the appropriate officials in Rockport and Gloucester, so they can take the next step toward bringing this to fruition.