, Gloucester, MA

September 28, 2013

Letter: Mayor's record different from campaign pitch

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor

Regarding Mayor Carolyn Kirk’s campaign kickoff announcement (the Times, Tuesday, Sept. 24), the mayor must be kidding when she’s running with the dog park and the fish shack as among her major accomplishments.

Her tenure and her pet projects have really been the failed I-4, C-2 acquisition, the ParkingLot Walk and the killing of the Fuller School building.

The fact she also wants to run on her snow removal leadership and her handling of the Fire Department as her strong points is very strange. Doesn’t she think the readers remember very well.

I think she is believing her own “Mayor’s Desk” columns as reality.

I am also amused by her quote of “this isn’t my city. This is our city.”

A more appropriate quote would be what she is famous for — as in “My way or the highway.”

Mayor, you are correct — this is our city, and we want it back.”