, Gloucester, MA

October 8, 2012

Letter: Tierney shows he cares for us all

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Ms. Flatley’s letter, “Tisei would address district’s needs for all” (the Times, Friday, Oct, 5) praised Mr. Tisei and was unhappy with Maryland Congressman Van Hollen.

Here is a little history for Ms. Flatley and Mass Sixth District voters to consider:

I moved to Maryland’s 8th congressional district in 1984 and discovered C-SPAN. The first day I watched it, I saw the representative of the 8th district addressing a filled House. I had no idea what district I moved to; I had no idea what district Democrat Michael Barns represented.

I hoped my congressman would be so concerned about the problems of the whole country. Then I discovered he was my congressman. He ran for a Senate seat and lost. Republican Constance Morella sought to fill that empty seat and I was happy I could vote for her.

She became my representative in 1987. She had my vote until Democrat Chris Van Hollen ran against her. I talked with him several times in his initial campaign season and in the years following. I was impressed that he was deeply knowledgeable about issues important to the district, yet he also cared about the whole country.

Living in Gloucester, I now have a third representative who works for his constituents yet never forgets what country we live in and the problems we all face.

Congressman Tierney has been working for all of us.

Does he have flawed in-laws? That seems to be so, but when you look at the in-laws of others, his don’t rise to the level of the Winter Hill Gang and their extended families. Guilt by association is sort of fun in the first or second grade of grammar school. For adults, it is reprehensible to indulge in such an activity.

Mr. Tisei must have some good qualities, but why did they not appear when he was a Massachusetts senator? I looked at his voting record and found him to be a great cosponsor for Scott Brown in 2009. Did he ever accomplish anything on his own in the Senate when he was there?

Ms. Flatley, if you think Mr. Tisei will be a better representative, hang in there. But he does not measure up to Chris Van Hollen or John Tierney.

Even Dan Quayle accomplished more than Mr. Tisei — and we all know Dan was no Jack Kennedy.