, Gloucester, MA


October 12, 2012

Letter: Tierney stands up for constituents

To the editor:

Anyone remember Iraq? That trumped-up war that has gone on for a decade, cost a trillion so far, destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of young Americans, and put a Shiite government in power that is friendly to Iran?

John Tierney was one of the few in Congress that had the courage and foresight to vote against it.

I have had several situations when I asked for help from Mr. Tierney’s office — one was personal; the other was business. In both cases, John took a personal interest. His staff’s followup was excellent.

If I have a problem and need help, I don’t care if my representative in Congress is a Republican or a Democrat, I want a response. I’d hate to lose a guy, with his experience and record of constituent service, to a novice.



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