, Gloucester, MA


October 21, 2012

Letter: Eagle Scout decries discriminatory policy

To the editor:

I am writing to address policy of the Boy Scouts of America of discrimination of Scouts based on their sexual orientation.

I am an Eagle Scout and have been a member of the Rockport scouting community for roughly 13 years, including seven years as a member of Troop 20. I have learned many things from my time in scouting, and while it was not always easy, I would not change a thing about it. It is this experience that has driven me to work for change.

I want everyone to have the chances that I had, to go camping in feet of snow, to practice carrying a friend in a stretcher made out of two poles and a blanket, to learn to lead, and most importantly to gain confidence in yourself and live by a moral code. Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts of America are violating their own moral code.

This code is summed up in the Scout Law and mentions a few key phrases like “loyal,” “kind” and “reverent.” Yet, just last week, a Scout in California, Ryan Anderson, who recently revealed that he was gay, was denied his Eagle Award, despite the fact that he fulfilled every requirement.

This is not loyalty, no one is being kind, and certainly this is not being reverent.

I don’t belive policies of discrimination should be supported. They only harm all involved with scouting, and help no one. This is why I am petitioning my council, The Yankee Clipper Council, to denounce this policy.

I have recently put a petition on the website that all who agree with me can sign. I hope together we can begin to right this offensive policy.



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