, Gloucester, MA


October 31, 2012

Letter: Why John Tierney gets my vote

To the editor,

I am going to vote for our Congressman John Tierney for reelection. Tisei is a nice guy, but I do not think he will speak for me and my district.

First let me tell you why I am not going to vote for Tisei. I am particularly distressed that he hasn’t asked the superpac, Young Republican Guns I think it calls itself, to stop advertising on his behalf. It is able to speak but with no sense that it needs to adhere to the facts. Over $1,000,000 spent to smear Tierney.

I think that Tisei should have asked that it not work for him. It detracts from his character.

I don’t mind that the Republican party has spent so much for Tisei’s election. Why shouldn’t it work to get one of it people elected? We know who and what the Republican party is. However, I am distressed that so much has been written and broadcast to besmirch Tierney’s name and reputation. I keep thinking that all it took to begin to send Martha Stewart to jail were some ill-placed words on an airplane, and didn’t the government go after Sal DiMasi to send him away? Who can forget what the Republicans did to Bill Clinton for his personal acts.

If there were any proof that John Tierney had done something illegal, you can bet that the Republican-led House of Representatives, or some prosecutor who wanted to make a name for himself, would have taken him on by now. They didn’t, so I choose to believe in Tierney.

Now let me say some of the reasons why I will vote to reelect Congressman John Teirney. Tierney has been there for us. He has supported the fishermen’s cause as Mayor Kirk pointed out in a recent letter.

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