, Gloucester, MA


March 23, 2013

Letter: Recognizing the wonders of Dogtown

To the editor:

Ted Tarr is a local icon.

He hosted one of his memorable walking tours of Dogtown last Saturday, which was appreciated by well over 60 people, from 3-year-olds and up. Ted has been conducting tours through Dogtown for nearly half a century, and though his pace may have slowed, his enthusiasm and love of the land has only increased.

Silvie Lockerova assisted in arranging the tour. She also has done a great deal to spur current interest in Dogtown.

It’s people like Ted and Silvie who continue the efforts to preserve and protect the area, to make it accessible and available for residents and tourists to appreciate.

Dogtown is one of the hidden wonders of Cape Ann. The mysteries and wonders of its fabled past are all around us, yet the secrets to its success lie in an awareness by the general public to preserve its natural state.


Oak Bluffs

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