, Gloucester, MA


June 28, 2013

My View: Poet laureate Rufus Collinson

June is very often the month of commitment.

I came across this poem and thought that it would be a good remembrance of our commitments to one another.

The Beginning of A Difference

Love enters quietly,

a subtle stir,

the slight lift of the tendril seedling toward the sun.

the opening of a door that has been previously closed

or never opened,

the beginning of a difference.

Today, in the expectant Quiet,

let us consecrate ourselves

to continuing the difference.

To continue to notice in the loved one

the lilt, the gait, the dimple,

the sparkle, the mettle, the gaze.

To continue to be infused

with a spreading kindness,

an infectious, humorous, sustaining acceptance

of each other and ourselves.

Let us stand in remembrance

of our own love’s beginning.

Let us kneel in the earth and cup our hands

around the tender shoot.

Let us wave and cheer as the new bird

feels the power of muscle,

the expanse of feather

as it begins to fly.

Let us continue to love one another

and these two today

as they evoke and enhance and carry on

the difference of loving.

Ruthanne “Rufus” Collinson is the city of Gloucester’s poet laureate.

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