, Gloucester, MA

December 26, 2012

Letter: Newtown: Do we really want to know why?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

After Newtown, are you wondering why? Asking why? Investigating why? Contemplating why?

Agonizing why? Diagnosing why? Examining why? Philosophizing why? Opinionating why? Oh my — why?

Why do we keep pretending we want to know why in this country? We’ve been told why long ago and have known why all along and understood it’s a lie to ask why, why, why when we don’t really want an honest answer.

Was the shooter off his meds? Was he mentally ill? Was he deranged? Was he desensitized by videos?

Was he improperly raised? Was he misdiagnosed? Was he misunderstood? Was he demoralized? Was he depressed? Was he a misanthrope? Was he prone to violence?

Are doctors who abort unborn human beings by the thousands violent? Are they inhuman? Are they demonic? Are they from bad neighborhoods? Are they ruthlessly greedy? Are they lacking natural affection? Are they unaware life is sacred?

Are those who legitimize such wholesale slaughter true Americans? Are they what the founders had in mind? Are they less evil than madmen who massacre innocents? If you are sane and professionally trained and get paid to kill fetuses in the womb aren’t you more evil than a crazy person? Do the abortion rights activists think unborn humans are cattle to be slaughtered? Are their victims less lovable than 6- and 7-year olds?

Tell me why, so I can feel more comfortable and have some peace sending my kids to school. Peace shopping at the mall. Going to the theatre. Stopping at the fast food restaurant. On the university campus. Walking home late at night.

I want to legalize marijuana. I want to legalize same-sex marriage. I want to honor and admire politicians and generals and pro golfers and movie stars who commit adultery. I want guilt-free fornication. I want bankers that are thieves and lawyers that pervert justice and judges that release perverts and redundant criminals.

What if there are 10,000 more citizens roaming about so tormented in their souls so disillusioned so sick of seeing moral goodness punished and moral wickedness rewarded that they are a mere hop skip and a jump away from becoming the next big news story? What if these people are not much different than you?

Why Columbine? Why Aurora? Why Newtown? Why all over the place — as if you don’t know there are many people filled with rage running around, frustrated exasperated people who are tired of swimming upstream and playing against a stacked deck.

Here are a couple possible whys. Jesus said, when speaking of “the last days,” “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold.”

I suspect the horrific unimaginable gut-wrenching barbarism across our land this past year is just the beginning of sorrows. Why? Because we don’t want to know why, that’s why.

You’re why. You’re to blame for it all. You’ve brought the nation to a moral cliff. You’re guilty as charged by God’s commandments.