, Gloucester, MA


December 26, 2012

Editorial: GHS 'threat' is no joke

Thankfully, police and school officials were never able to find a gun or anyone seeking to bring one into Gloucester High School in the aftermath of a reported threat last Friday.

Indeed, after what Police Chief Leonard Capanello called a “credible source” called police early that morning saying that reported writing on a bathroom wall indicated someone was bringing a gun to school, neither police nor school authorities were able find any such writing, either. Yet, the “credible source” clearly thought the rumor was credible enough to report to police. And several parents, on getting word of the alleged threat, understandably took it seriously enough to pull their children our of school for the day, while police maintained a stepped-up presence at GHS throughout the day.

Look, the reported gun threat may have been some student’s idea of a joke, but it sure isn’t the least bit funny. Indeed, one can make the case that — in the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook School shootings, especially — “joking” about bringing a gun to any school is no different than “joking” with people in a crowded airport about bringing a bomb onto a plane. And that’s a federal offense.

Here’s hoping police and school officials alike identify the root of this threat and take appropriate action.

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