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January 7, 2013

Letter: Fiscal cliff fiasco shows loss of democracy

To the editor:

I agree with the editorial regarding the fiscal cliff (the Times, Friday, Jan. 3) and agree that we need to elect better people to offices that are going to decide our future.

That 154-page bill that the Senate passed was given to them three minutes before their vote. Not one senator could have read the bill. They just passed it and sent it to the House to not read and pass, just to avoid a so called fiscal cliff.

This may be premature, but, come the 2014 Elections, every single congressman, should be replaced, with men and women that will do the people’s work.

Look at the legislation for over $59 billion that the Senate sent the House for superstorm Sandy relief. Two thirds, or roughly $40 billion, had nothing to do with Sandy Relief.

Almost one fifth of the money was designate for Alaska Fisheries: I don’t think that Sandy went to Alaska.

At least the fisheries aid targeted for Gloucester and New England was going to areas that Sandy touched.

What we have now is not a democracy, but, a one-party rule tryanny and the Constitution be damned. You, my friends, have no say in your government anymore.

Unread bills passed in the dead of night, and it’s just as President Obama promised — a “fundamental transformation” of the America we knew.

We need to elect officials that have the courage to stop the wasteful spending. Perhaps what make it easier is if in order for any bill, read or unread, to pass either branch, the House or the Senate, it would need the majority of both sides of the aisle.

That’s right — a majority of Republican senators, and a majority of Democrat senators would be needed to forward the Bill to the house.

Now that would be true bipartisan legislation.

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