, Gloucester, MA


January 10, 2013

My View: Finding light in the darkness

At this time of year, we often feel a heightened awareness of the descending and surrounding darkness.

But, now and again, we find ourselves surrounded by light and its gift of insight and expansive warmth.

I would like to share such a moment and wish you all a happy new year.

To Recreate the Light

It is late winter afternoon.

You have been alone all day.

You go to the window

to water the plants on the sill.

The late light captures you.

For a moment, it is as brilliant as bliss.

You close your eyes.

You know that you have been here before,

as luminous as this,

as heated, as suspended.

You have been here

since the beginning of time.

You open your eyes.

The world that you can see

is bathed in a luster,

so roseate, so pale, so late,

liquid, limpid, lanquid

that everything is lit from within,

drifts of cloud,

silhouettes of trees outreaching,

blue footprints in the snow,

the leaves of your geranium.

Neighbors’ windows shine like cathedrals.

The heat spreads inside your chest.

You are reminded of something.

Is it something that has been

or something still to come?

Is it the spring when you were young

when light fell in tumblefuls

melting down from the snowcaps

into the whitewater you canoed?

Or is it the summer when you ran beaches

or through tall grass,

feeling the bump of black-eyed Susans

on your open palms?

Is it a time before you knew

the world’s brutality,

when you marched to love’s beat,

awakened only to the light,

dreaming away the darkness?

Or is it tomorrow’s promise

of children grown fine, kind deeds done,

work completed, courage summoned, love renewed,

the promise you still feel, but hardly know?

Even as you stand there,

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