, Gloucester, MA


January 24, 2013

Letter: NRA hits new low with ad citing Obama daughters

To the editor:

Just when you thought the NRA couldn’t get any more reckless, the organization out did itself on January, 15.

It did so with an ad alleging the president is a hypocrite who cares more about his own children’s safety than he does the safety of ordinary school kids in places like Newtown, Conn.

The NRA ad claims President Obama is a hypocritical elitist because he doesn’t want to provide all American school children with the kind of security the first daughters are afforded — the same security that the Bush twins, Chelsea Clinton, GW Bush and his siblings when their father was president, the Reagan family when the Gipper was in office, Jimmy Carter’s kids, Gerald Ford’s kids, the Nixon sisters, the Johnson girls, and the Kennedy kids were all afforded as well.

That security was something all intelligent and truly patriotic Americans never questioned because those Americans understood, especially in the wake of the Kennedy assassination, the unique risks the familly of a sitting U.S. president faces.

But the NRA’s recent ad changed all that.

For the NRA to put a target, even figuratively speaking, on Sasha and Malia Obama’s backs ought to outrage all Americans. The ad was a blatant appeal to the most far right, Obama hating members of the NRA and other right wing groups whose hatred of the president is well documented and almost pathological in nature.

Anyone reading this letter who doubts just how pathological the hatred of the president is among many on the right is should just read the Gloucester Daily Times’ own anonymous comment threads. If one of the NRA’s Obama hating members, or some other right wing nut, takes the ad to heart and acts out against the Obama girls in the name of gun rights — or in opposition to a hypocritical elitist like their father, as the NRA sees it — Wayne LaPierre will no doubt beat his chest in a national mea culpa and claim the ad was never meant to single out the first daughters.

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