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August 1, 2013

Letter: A true fishing industry nightmare

To the editor:

I had a dream.

And, in my dream I saw NOAA administrator John Bullard, Christine Sherman, and Capt. Joe Orlando dining at a local restaurant.

John ordered USDA approved steak. Christine and Joe ordered fish and chips.

When the server brought the food, a strange thing happened.

John reached across the table and took away Christine’s meal and replaced it with a huge box of Kleenex. Again, J.B. extended his right arm and removed Joe’s plate, and replaced it with a Chapter 11 U.S. government bankruptcy form. He chuckled, put some A1 on his meat, and began to eat.

Then the scene in my dream shifted to Grant Circle.

There, I saw Mayor Carolyn Kirk wearing her usual rose-colored glasses. She was hoisting a flag with a capsized Gloucester fishing boat on it, while mayors from across the state stood clapping.



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