, Gloucester, MA

August 1, 2013

Letter: Time for fishermen to stand united

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

It saddens me and makes me angry after reading the quotes from Joe Orlando and Christine Sherman in the Times (Page 1, Wednesday, July 31).

To think that an agency and a decision by one man can ruin so many families, and all related jobs that go with it, and they NOAA can do what he, they have done, and be able to function as they think they are saving the world from extinction of fish.

What a bunch of BS — no gray area, or consequences for these economic terrorists, and that’s just what I believe they are. It shows total disregard for people, families, all contributors to society buy supplying a food, all taxpayers. And to have this done by our own government!

I have sent numerous letters to Obama and even his wife. Who knows if they even see them. But Michelle sent back totallly disregarding what I wrote, sending a generic response and a website to see all the good their administration has done.

I thought he would make a change and to listen to him talk about jobs, makes me puke. And I voted for him.

I have said from the get go, only one thing to do, and that is to unite — a word the fisherman have never had in their vocabulary.

It’s the end of an industry that has been around since the beginning of time. For us anyway but not for the other countries. Discrimination in this country has come upon one of the most dangerous jobs, and physically hard workers, and an industry that has created millions of jobs.

My only reaction is that the fisherman are going to succumb to an unlawful act bestowed by them for them to lose their rights, as americans to have the American dream as all others do, to have the freedom of choice as to having the job they know.

I could go on and on but now I’ll get to the point. Fight back as it’s the end anyway. Let’s unite as one. Take your rights back and make some noise as that’s your only savior.

Get together up and down this coast and have everyone go fishing when, where and bring in whatever you want; no one owns or has the right to tell you what to do to make a living, no one has the right to put you and your families in harm’s way.

Think about if everyone just went out and fished anywhere they wanted and no limits . If that didn’t make front page news and get someone’s attention quick, then I don’t know what would. Yet, it is, I believe, your God-given American right.

I know you’ll be worrying about your collateral and if they take the boat. Well, what good is the boat to you now anyway. See if things don’t turn around then or there becomes a gray area.

Don’t let the word of one man ruin your lives and family lives. Stand up for yourselves. Do more then talk about it and we’ll put it together.

I predict there would be news people around when landing take place, so everyone can see what this administration has done to it’s own people — not to mention all the paper shredding and Inspector General’s reports about the corruption in this agency.


Stuart Road, Gloucester