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February 28, 2013

Letter: Common courtesy and snow removal

To the editor:

Habits change slowly. I rarely write about weather’s effect on local matters, but I couldn’t resist.

When I came to Danvers on a wintry Feb. 16, my worst predictions were reality.

The parking lot on Federal Street near the Danvers mall was surrounded by mounds of snow. I had come on bus from Gloucester, but I could enter this lot only through one passage (mainly one could walk to it through snowdrifts) from the shoveled street.

There were no uncovered sidewalks for safety. And, there were no adjoining lots that one could walk to on a shoveled path.

What did I do? I walked, dangerously, on the open street to the bank’s property. I survived in one piece.

Will I do this again? I don’t know with winter being here for a while.

You would think that common courtesy would dictate a path being created through the snow. But there is no guarantee. Maybe it will happen?



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