, Gloucester, MA


November 26, 2012

Letter: GOP now losing the blame game, too

To the editor:

At the beginning of football season, we were subjected to play officiated by the now infamous “replacement refs.”

It seemed that every play resulted in a penalty flag or a missed call that angered fans. Unfortunately the fans’ anger was misdirected.

The real problems were caused by the players who acted like little children being baby-sat by their grandparents, always trying to get away with something they knew their parents would not tolerate. It was the players who degraded the integrity of the game.

Now that the elections are over, the losing candidates are misdirecting the blame for their losses on everything including Hurricane Sandy, changing demographics, voter irregularities at the polls, and women.

But the blame squarely belongs to the Republican politicians for being inferior candidates to the winners and running campaigns that degraded the integrity of the party.

Mitt Romney, who could not make up his mind as to what side of an issue he was on, lost to an unpopular president. Scott Brown, who lied about being truly bipartisan, lost to a candidate whose honesty was in question. And conservative Richard Tisei lost to a scandal-laden incumbent.

Considering all the baggage the winning candidates had and the millions of dollars spent on negative advertising by Republican super-PACs, the Republicans should have walked away with all the political races. But they failed miserably.

If the Republicans want to win another election it is time to blame the right people. Instead of nominating people who are good at raising money, they should be considering quality candidates who will respond to the people and work toward solving their needs.

To think that only money can win an election is outdated, and is just the kind of thinking will render the Republican Party irrelevant in the future.



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