, Gloucester, MA

December 10, 2012

Letter: Withholding hope for tax protest

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

We should withhold our payroll taxes from the government in protest of excessive entitlements and other discretionary spending.

It’s the working class that is paying for the non-working class’s benefits. If we don’t kick in our share, there will be nothing for them. What a shame that would be.

What would happen to all those programs full of fraud and abuse if we all changed our W4s as of Jan. 1?

What if, instead of paying our income taxes as we go with payroll deductions, we set up our own accounts and direct-deposit our estimated taxes into those accounts? What if we didn’t pay a single cent on those earnings until the deadline of April 15, 2014?

Who really holds the purse strings — the government or the taxpayers? Maybe it’s time for the people who are actually paying the bills to have their say.

Please join me in my protest of how taxpayer money is spent. I am going to withhold my withholding taxes for 2013. The IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will not get my money until April 15, 2014.