, Gloucester, MA


December 13, 2012

Conomo Point and open space

To the editor:

Regarding: the Gloucester Daily Times article, Dec. 10, “New Consultant Tackles Land Potential,” by James Niedzinski.

The presentation last Thursday, Dec. 6, regarding the future of Conomo Point continues to frustrate a significant number of attendees who believe that the plan presented by the landscape design firm, Brown and Sardina, reflected only one view — namely that of the selectmen and those living on Conomo Point.

It essentially leaves everything the way it is without presenting any option for the addition of real open space. It is hoped, by many residents of Essex, that a park can be developed at Conomo Point that is at least as big as Manchester’s smallest park, Tuck’s Point.

This could be achieved in incremental steps beginning with the removal of only six to eight houses along the eastern side and around the point. While none of this has to happen in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years, a plan such as this should be on the table for consideration by voters in May. And until a respectable area of land is cleared at the point, no taxpayer’s money should be spent on building infrastructure that merely gives the impression of open space.

Paul Pennoyer


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