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February 27, 2013

Letter: Alternative stocks a fishery answer

To the editor:

The story of fish, to me, is a story of supply vs. demand.

The supply of cod is now so low thanks to long-term demand, which has resulted in overfishing. But why should this situation affect all fishing?

With alternatives to the demand for cod in particular, the supply of fish will be plentiful and the fishing industry healthier. For instance, we have plenty of herring and mackarel, which are particularly high in Omega 3. Monkfish is delicious and redfish, dogfish and even skate can be prepared into highly palatable dishes, as I was fortunate to savor at the Maritime Summit lunch at Cruiseport Gloucester earlier this month. ß(”Alternatives” were part of the agenda).

A switch in consumer demand from cod to these and other alternative fish varieties could help a lot toward saving fishermen’s jobs.

The fishermen and fish markets are likely to help us with supplying the alternative fish varieties.

Consumers are us, and we drive the market.



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