, Gloucester, MA


March 4, 2013

Letter: Tarr deserves credit for 'staying the course'

To the editor:

I wish to applaud Bruce Tarr for his decision to not seek the vacant U.S. Senate seat as reported in the Times (Page 1, Saturday, Feb. 16).

His two-fold position cited “... his comitments to the state level and a hesitancy to enter a polarized, partisan Washington political environment.”

As to his first reason against bolting into national politics, the Minority Leader of the state Senate cited his commitment tounfinished business in upcoming legislation, including welfare reform and in criminal issues.

I am reminded here of a phrase in the late Herbert Kenny’s book “Cape Ann: Cape America,” when the Rev. William Bentley of Salem was offered the presidency of the University of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson. He refused, saying that he preferred to stay with his flock. Congratulations to Bruce Tarr for staying with his.

As to the other reason for doing so, if he were to miraculously survive this race, he would dive into the polarized gridlock of political Washington, leaving behind his flock and the significant contributiions he continues to take on its behalf in the commonwealth. There may well be another time more favorable for that.

Congratulations to Bruce Tarr for his staying the course.



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