, Gloucester, MA


October 25, 2013

Letter: Kirk's leadership keyed public safety project

To the editor:

As director of the Community Emergency Response Team’s (CERT) house numbering project, I want to acknowledge Mayor Carolyn Kirk and her direct reports for making a key decision four years ago that has made this and other CERT initiatives possible.

When I got a commitment from the state’s emergency agency, MEMA, back in 2010 for a training grant for Gloucester, she and her staff agreed to accept the funds and responsibility. This initiative started a four-year program of training volunteers from our community to work on emergency related citizen-based activities which have included among other achievements the Emergency Operations Center and this awareness-based project.

This project took hundreds of volunteer hours to kick off in Gloucester last weekend.

Mayor Kirk’s continued leadership and support with staff and resources has created the environment for all to make a difference.



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