, Gloucester, MA


October 28, 2013

Letter: Reasons abound for electing Tony Gross

To the editor:

Tony Gross deserves our vote for re-election to Gloucester’s School Committee.


He has years of meaningful experience on the Gloucester School Committee.

He is a common-sense, down to earth, proven leader.

He is a straight-talking, no-nonsense candidate.

He knows the schools; his children grew up in the system.

Tony Gross is a volunteer that wants to give back; he believes in Gloucester.

Every day, “weather permitting,” this self-employed fisherman pounds around Eastern Point, making a living for his family, with his hands, lobstering. He gives back to Gloucester as chairman of the Waterways Board also.

Tony Gross is a worker. In every sense of the word, he is the “real McCoy”!

Gross deserves our vote and encouragement. If he is re-elected, our students, their parents, and all of Gloucester are the winners.



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