, Gloucester, MA


October 28, 2013

Letter: Lundberg's leadership needed for council

To the editor:

As a volunteer for the past 20 years for a host of Gloucester committees, commissions and boards, I have had the honor and privilege of serving alongside Paul Lundberg on the Planning Board.

As board chairman, I observed Paul’s smart, sensible and fair approach to dealing with the public, city officials and developer applicants.

When I retired from the board, I felt comfortable and confident in Paul’s leadership, calm demeanor, and no-drama approach to what are often highly-public, controversial and contentious issues for our city.

I believe that Paul can deliver on his skills and qualifications to the City Council.

For these reasons, I endorse his candidacy for an at-large seat on the Gloucester City Council and urge the voters of Gloucester to vote for Paul Lundberg.


Walker Street, Gloucester

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