, Gloucester, MA


November 8, 2013

Letter: Fuller question just insulted city voters

To the editor:

What an insult to the intelligence of the Gloucester voters!

I am writing this after just returning from voting at East Gloucester Elementary School.

I found, of course, that the Fuller referendum question asked voters to pick their preferred use with just these choices: A.) offices; 2.) commercial site; 3.) A mix of uses — but without the option of reopening it as a school.

Adding insult to injury, there was no referendum write in line, as provided for candidates.

All of this reminded me of the story of a teacher returning to her classroom only to hear a loud cacophony of noise in an out-of-control classroom.

As soon as the class saw the teacher, the kids immediately quieted down. The teacher scolded the class and asked: “What kind of punishment should I give you for misbehaving and being out of control?”

The children gave several suggestions — until the teacher heard the disciplinary punishment and got the answer she had in mind all along.



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