, Gloucester, MA


November 8, 2013

Letter: Tax-taking not exactly in holiday spirit

To the editor:

This is an open letter to our elected city officials:

The collection of taxes — and, one might add, sewer/water bills, is of course an important responsibility of the government; we can’t run the city without them.

But it concerns me that the city may be launching a tax-taking drive right at the onset of our holiday season.

Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas brings a time of counting our blessings certainly, but is also a time of great anxiety, stress and financial challenge, especially for folks living on the fiscal edge.

Perhaps, and it’s just a suggestion, it might be slightly more charitable and a bit less Pottersville-esque to delay such an aggressive collection campaign until after the beginning of the year?

Nothing quite says “Happy Holidays” like a foreclosure notice.


Marble Road, Gloucester

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