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June 17, 2013

Letter: Don't look to Fox, Daystar for the truth

To the editor:

“You can listen to Fox and Daystar, and get the truth.”

So says one Gloucester Times reader (Letters, the Times Thursday, June 13), who goes on to blame president Obama for what happened in Benghazi, something called the IRS scandal, etc.

Yet one piece of what we now know was fantasy reporting from Fox was this: That President Obama directly ordered the IRS to stop Tea Party groups from getting there non-profit status.

The truth is there was a flood of Republican political Tea Party groups like Cal Rowe’s Crossroads political action committee posing as nonprofits and the IRS did its job in screening them to see if there were true nonprofits.

Many had a long-delayed process but none were denied there nonprofit status, and whatever they were doing during the Presidential elections was not disrupted by the IRS.

Fox News all-stars claim that Obama had a Nixon-like enemies list that the director of the IRS used. Yet Fox will never pass on the that no such enemies list ever existed and that the director of the IRS for most of Obama’s terms was a conservative, Bush-appointed Republican.

Rep. Elijah Cummings wants to reveal the panel’s full interview with a self-identified conservative screening group manager for the IRS who, according to excerpts of the conversation, said he ordered those working for him to take closer looks at Tea Party groups. The employee also said he didn’t think the White House had anything to do with the unfair targeting and rejected the idea that political bias fueled the program. These are the facts that your reader will never hear from Fox news.

I sincerely hope she keeps reading this fine newspaper to get some honest reporting of the news.

As for the truth you get from Daystar good luck. I never heard of it, and after some quick research, I see why. I am sure they are giving you the same fair take on the news of the day as the Fox

Republican /Tea Party, 24-hours made-up news network.


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