, Gloucester, MA

June 18, 2013

Letter: Markey puts lives first on gun control

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

If we are to consider ourselves civilized, we have an obligation to be the voice for those who dare not or cannot speak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that 31,672 people died by guns in 2010. That is slightly more than the population of Gloucester. There is no reason to believe that 2011 and 2012 were better. 2013 is likely to have a similar number.

Including 2010, we have at least 100,000 now voiceless victims. Some claim that identifying responsible citizens and limiting sales to them will somehow lead to a government confiscation of guns. What it will do is permit responsible people to purchase weapons legally while denying access to those who should not have them.

The NRA gave Rep. Markey an “F” rating for his determined defense of lives and the prevention of wounds in lieu of promoting unrestrained access to committing mayhem. The CDC said 73,505 people were treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal gunshot wounds just in 2010.

Markey has worked to protect our lives, find sensible solutions to complex problems, and protect all of our rights, including the right to live safely. Part of that fight has been to require gun show owners provide identification, be registered, and to maintain required records. Does this sound unreasonable?

We have a number of coffee shops in town, so patronize some and as you enjoy a snack and coffee ask the owners for a brief summary of the requirements for operating a restaurant. Coffee shops are not known for selling lethal bagels and muffins; yet, we ask more of those owners than the people who run gun shows.

The Army taught me to use an M-14 rifle effectively; standard 10 shot magazines were considered adequate for waging war. The Army could have ordered larger capacity magazines but didn’t. It might be worth considering why it didn’t.

I will vote for Markey. He values our lives more than someone who opposes restrictions to owning a metal tube with extra-large capacity magazines.