, Gloucester, MA


June 19, 2013

Letter: Questions linger over Benghazi affair

To the editor:

I’d like to offer a brief opposition to Ms. Carney’s letter (the Times, Monday, June 17).

Her discrediting of Fox news is her entitled opinion; however, her opinion of Daystar, based upon her research of the channel, shows, I believe, a distinct anti-Christian bias, as Daystar is a totally Christian-oriented programming network. And Ms. Carney’s opinion of the president having an enemies list is certainly not based on President Obama’s own words.

Also, Ms. Carney should know, from wherever she gets her news, that there are Conservative “Tea Party” type groups that are still awaiting either a denial, or approval letter from the IRS. The IRS itself has admitted that liberal entities — like a group led by the president’s half brother, received approval of their applications within 60 days of applying.

Perhaps Ms. Carney, ought to obtain her political opinions from C-Span — the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Finally, I’d like to answer her with my opinion on Benghazi. Early C-Span reports had testimony from one Charlene Lamb, deputy under secretary of state, saying under oath that Secretary Clinton was with Pres. Obama in the situation room watching the attack on live TV in real time. Yet the president did nothing — not even a follow up phone call to those delegated to do the job of finding out what had happened to the ambassador and others who had died.

It’s odd that Ms. Carney is unaware of the president being MIA after the Benghazi attack, when many news outlets are still asking where the president was during those eight hours, and why did he leave for a Las Vegas fund-raiser, not knowing the outcome of the attack.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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