, Gloucester, MA


June 22, 2013

Letter: Gomez will keep fighting for real change

To the editor:

I am writing an open letter to all of my fellow voters, and to ask for their help.

I am asking you to please consider voting for Gabriel Gomez for the U.S. Senate this Tuesday.

Gabriel Gomez is a veteran of the United States Navy where he served our country as both a naval aviator, and a navy seal. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School, and a successful businessman.

Gomez is in favor of term limits for members of Congress, and has pledged to serve no more than 2 terms in the Senate, or 12 years altogether.

Gomez throughout this campaign has championed the need for bipartisanship. He is committed to working with senators in both parties, fighting for what is best for the people of Massachusetts, and the United States of America.

He believes in fiscal discipline, and will fight to get our out of control deficits, and debt under control, and get the United States on a sustainable fiscal path.

Gomez believes in supporting both Social Security and Medicare, and will fight to keep these programs intact for those both in retirement, and approaching retirement. The only changes that he will consider are those structured to save these programs, and which will only affect younger generations.

Would you please join with me in voting for Gabriel Gomez, a man who has fought for his country before, and now wants to fight for the people of Massachusetts?

Vote Gabriel Gomez for U.S. Senate on Tuesday.


Twin Light Circle, Rockport

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