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June 25, 2013

Letter: Is Supreme Court gay mnarriage ruling really necessary?

To the editor:

Well folks, by the end of the week, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to render a decision on the constitutionality of same gender marriage.

I’m still, after many years involvement in the gay and lesbian community, not sure why homosexuals are a protected class of people. Everyone I knew in that community was a human being and American citizen, with the same rights and liberties that I have known. And as for the benefits of same gender marriage:

Forty years ago, members of the gay and lesbian community and I sat around a table,and, with the aid of a high powered Washington attorney, hammered out a legal document that gave same-gender couples, whether together for years or a single day, all the same benefits of a heterosexual couple that marries in haste, or has been married many years.

That document, once signed by the involved parties, was legal anywhere in the country. It allowed for individual, and united

IRS tax returns, and it is still legal nationwide today.

So, you can see my confusion; the couple in question would have to have governmental approval, and like any union of two people, the only difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals is the word marriage.

Is the Court deciding the constitutionality of the words marry or marriage. Will we have to change thousands of years of history and good old Noah Webster’s dictionaries just to award what those in this alternative lifestyle the right to say they are not just a domestic couple, but are actually married?

A copy of this was sent to the Justices at the Supreme Court months ago, as an open letter for them to contemplate.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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