, Gloucester, MA


July 20, 2013

Letter: Full and equal accessibility

To the editor:

Writer Gerald Mahieu claimed (Letters, the Times, Tuesday, July 16) that I seemed to “…have forgotten the value of a free press, and the First Amendment.”

It is difficult to take Mr. Mahieu seriously as a commenter after he declared he came of age before there were automobiles. You do realize that the first auto was built by Benz in 1886, don’t you? Along that long path to now did you confuse “Grand Auto/Limo Association” with the “Gay And Lesbian Association?”

Both associations sat at tables and wrote goal-oriented papers. Binding? Not unless the concepts were written into law.

Mr. Mahieu, I happily thank you for including my name with two courageous champions, Cynthia Fisk and Michael Cook. For different reasons, both have expended great effort to preserve the freedom and the equal, unqualifiedly equal, rights for everyone. Both have done more in any single decade of their lives to protect and defend full and equal access to the law for everyone than all the work I have done in over seven decades.

If they included me as an equal, I would be honored. For you to attach my name to theirs says how little you understand what we three hold dear and why.

I guess that, after 127 years you do deserve forbearance this one time.



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