, Gloucester, MA

April 10, 2013

Letter: Smoke detectors save the day

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The Gloucester Fire Department received a call Easter night reporting smoke alarms sounding and an odor of smoke in the three-story, three-family house at 33 Cleveland St.

While en route responding firefighters received further information from the homeowner via telephone reporting the cellar was filling with smoke.

Upon arrival and upon investigation firefighters searched the cellar and found flames coming from the electrical control area of an electric hot water heater. Firefighters de-energized the hot water heater and vented the smoke from the building.

After approximately 30 minutes of venting the smoke from the building, the occupants — who had exited the building upon the activation of the smoke alarms — were allowed to return to their residences.

Because of the early detection of the fire by the smoke detectors, fire damage was controlled to the hot water heater and estimated to be less than $2,000, and there were no injuries.



Deputy Chief, Gloucester Fire Department