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July 27, 2013

Why Did My Newspaper Do That? Relevant coverage from other towns

One of our goals in presenting our local news coverage each day is to regularly spotlight Page 1 stories not only from Gloucester, but from our Cape Ann towns as well.

And that’s been the case this week as always, with our Thursday paper featuring both the razing of the Cape Ann Tool Company smokestack in Rockport, and the latest employment and workforce figures from all four Cape Ann communities, while Friday’s front page noted, among other stories, the silencing of the Coast Guard-coordinated foghorns off Rockport’s Straitsmouth Island.

But while our focus obviously remains on Gloucester and the towns of Rockport, Manchester and Essex, some readers may have been surprised to see a Friday story from Ipswich on that town’s plans for dealing with a potential “dispensary” for medical marijuana under the state’s new legalization law, a story last week on the city of Salisbury’s rejection of a slots casino project, and today’s story out of Newburyport on the erosion issues confronting Plum Island and other communities as well.

Are we expanding our coverage to regularly include those communities?

No, we’re very much committed to focusing squarely on providing you with news, sports and feature story coverage right here on Cape Ann.

So, you may wonder, why did we run these stories? In other words, why did your community’s newspaper do that?

Because, while each of these stories may directly involve only communities outside our area, all are stories that can have an effect on our Cape Ann communities and residents in the very near future. And at least one of them should indeed start playing in some or perhaps even all of our communities very soon.

That story was the Friday story out of Ipswich, where town officials there are setting up guidelines, not for banning any medical marijuana dispensaries from town, but for how to map out zoning guidelines and other means of regulating where they can be placed.

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