, Gloucester, MA

May 23, 2013

Editorial: Building on success at GHS

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — With a total of 75 students participating in five, 15-student classes per day, it’s fair to say that Gloucester High School’s elective Cabinet Design and Innovation program is a hit.

And it’s exciting to see the classes literally build to a successful conclusion these days, when the kids are fine-tuning their hand-crafted Adirondack chairs and cabinet pieces and finishing off other projects as the school year draws to a close.

But it’s also clear that the students are building much more than the furniture and other items they’ve made under the leadership of teacher Tim Rose, who said that the classes drew interest from more than 200 students in all. That added something is confidence – the kind of confidence that comes from creating something from scratch and, in some cases, obviously creating a form of success that some students might not have thought they’d achieve.

Indeed, the comments of senior Brianna Saputo, as outlined in Allegra Boverman’s Page 1 Wednesday story, speak volumes: “I love this; I didn’t think I’d like something like this, but I do,” Saputo said. And that’s a life lesson she will likely remember for years to come.

It’s important to note that this class is not part of the school’s traditional carpentry vocational program; it’s an elective open to all students. And in that sense, it also builds bridges for students who indeed might never have thought they’d enjoy carpentry — or those who never appreciated just how much work and craftsmanship is involved.

To that end, Rose and school officials deserve immense credit for developing this program as it stands. It is clearly building success —literally and figuratively — for all. And that’s what education is supposed to be all about.