, Gloucester, MA


July 31, 2013

Letter: Time for cyclocross to hit the road

To the editor:

I walk year-round in Stage Fort Park.

It does not look like a cared for park for many months after the cyclocross race leaves its path visible and the park in a state of repair for months. Then, it is damaged again, it seems, before it has fully recovered.

According to the latest information from the state, the officers and directors of Essex County Velo, Inc. are residents of Beverly, South Hamilton, Byfield, Ipswich and Marblehead.

It is strange that they don’t want to hold this race in one of their own communities, if it is so beneficial to local businesses, as they could help their hometowns prosper from this event. Perhaps their own communities don’t want to look at torn up parks for most of the year — only to see it happen all over again the next year.

These organizers restrict the use of the park on a beautiful fall weekend, when people enjoy cooler walks and still go to the beach.

We have looked at this long enough. Please take it elsewhere.



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