, Gloucester, MA


July 31, 2013

Letter: Rights, privileges and discrimination

To the editor:

Mr. Thomas, one ought to know the facts before making a judgment (Letters, the Times, Tuesday, July 23).

I am a disabled senior, with many benefits open to me. However, Mr. Thomas, I not only have been physically attacked because of one or more of the following, I have been the target of outright discrimination, for my national heritage, my disability, my association with the gay community, my age, and my Christianity.

As a homeless alcoholic for many years, one learns to bear the pain of the slings and arrows. At the time there was no ADA: American’s with Disabilities Act, to hide behind or run to for protection. My protection, and shield, was the “Bill of Rights” and my Bible.

Now that I’ve been alcohol free for nearly 40 years, it seems as though my Christian bias of loving my neighbor has become my primary nemesis. But I still wonder, what rights have homosexuals been denied? Marriage is not a right but a privilege.


Langsford Street, Gloucester

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