, Gloucester, MA

April 17, 2013

My View: Awakening our poetry spirit

My View
Rufus Collinson

---- — April is National Poetry Month, an opportunity to celebrate poetry introduced in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets with the intention of increasing the awareness of and appreciation of poetry in the United States.

Gloucester will be celebrating Poetry month with several events – including several events and workshops at the Gloucester Writers Center at 126 East Main Street. Check the website for more information.

I am sharing this piece as an exercise to awaken/revive the poetry of our selves. I believe that poetry is a way of living, being open to our selves and the world around us.

Please let me know if you have a suggestion for being open to the poetry of life. You may email me at: ;

The Nectar of Red Flowers

Hang something funny

very near your bed.

Smile before you swing

your feet onto the floor.

Take in delight

the way a hummingbird takes in

the nectar of red flowers.

Sing in the shower.

Yodel in the car.

Eat a munchkin.

Pay compliments.

Play march music.

Rub a dog’s belly.

Send roses.

Take walks.

Examine the underside of leaves.

Watch a child.

Build a clubhouse.

Body surf.

Ride a bike.

Organize a block party.

Squish berries between your toes.

Dance alone.

Repot the plants.

Give stuff away.

Develop old film.

Sing a show tune.

Blow bubbles.

Swim in the rain.

Stand in a field of fireflies.

Read poetry.

Love endlessly.

Stretch yourself.

Enjoy cool sheets.

Remember your dreams.

Ruthanne “Rufus” Collinson is poet laureate for the city of Gloucester.